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We are a design and construction company specializing in soundproofing systems. We are an Acoustic and Soundproofing specialists with over 15 years of experience and are supported by International Standard Planning and Tools.

With numerous issues regarding environment noise – or the need of soundproofing and room acoustic and customer complaint taken care by irresponsible contractor who do not fully understand how to create best soundproofing room, and also acoustic level to create proportional, echoes sound, we are here as your partner to address this issue.

We are a company operating in the field of design and construction with Soundproofing System Specialisation. Thus, we are here as your partner to cope the issues

we gain trust from national or multinational corporate, ministry office and we also serve and maintain non-corporate consumer/company requiring soundproofing services with needs across many cities in Indonesia

What do we offer

kontraktorstudio.com is here to solve noise problems by designing and implementing design solutions.

In the project of Music Studio Soundproofing, Band Studio, Film Studio, Broadcasting Room, Podcast Room, Karaoke Room, Entertainment Room, Home Theatre, Mini Theatre, Mini Cinema, Cinema, Recording Room, Church Acoustic Treatment, Dubbing Room, Cinema Accoustic Design Management, and other kind of room which requires acoustic and soundproofing management.

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Karaoke Room

Building Acoustics

Podcast Room

Interior Acoustic for Work From Home

Recording Room

Music Studio

Function Room / Ballroom

9 main reasons
why customers choose us

FREE Periodic Checking up to 6 Mo

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We use higher-quality and eco friendly materials

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trusted to handle Clients from Jabodetabek and even remoted areas across Indonesia

Supported by International Standard Planning Tools

As a Specialist soundproofing Contractor with more than 15 years of experience

there are many cheaper contractor – yet our focus is to provide convenience, security and satisfaction
for customer

" the first and the only in indonesia
as a specialist soundproofing contractor who gives 9 benefits above "


for more accurate management of accoustic and Noise Control which will devise proportional, comfortable voice level by vibration standard.  

We provide equipment and recent, sophisticated software with special engineer team

to measure the level of environment noise to standardized design for architecture/interior standarisasi which is friendly towards the voice adjusted to your ideal house.



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alamat distributor rockwool busa peredam

*Terms and Conditions Applied


Herewith some Scope of Work from kontraktorstudio.com

Soundproofing & Acoustic Specialist

  • Soundproofing
  • Soundproofing materials
  • Soundproof 
  • Glasswool
  • Rockwool 
  • Greenwool 
  • Material for Room Soundproofing  
  • Accoustic Room Soundproofing  
  • Music Soundproofing 
  • Soundproofing room Construction 
  • Making Soundproofing room 
  • Expenses of Soundproof Making 
  • Expenses of Soundproofing 
  • Services for Soundproofing room 
  • Price of Material
  • Cheap Soundproofing 
  • Affordable karaoke soundproofing room 
  • How to install soundproofing material
  • Making room soundproof 
  • Jacketing AC pipe
  • Covering Ducting AC
  • Thermal Insulation ( heat )
  • Genset Room soundproofing
  • Services for radio broadcasting soundproofing
  • Hall Auditorium construction
  • Construction of  Recital Building
  • Construction for Karaoke Room
  • Home Theater Construction
  • Cinema theater Construction
  • Installation of Accoustic Plafond 
  • Services of Apartment  
  • Mini Cinema Construction
  • Meeting Room Construction
  • Art Hall Construction
  • Hotel Ballroom Construction
  • Auditorium Hall Construction
  • Construction of Soundproofing Room 
  • Construction of Music Studio 
  • Construction of Studio Recording 
  • Construction of Karaoke Room
  • Construction of Genset Machine Room 
  • Expert of Hall Accoustic Design 
  • Expert of Conference Hall Accoustic Design
  • Expert of Church Hall Accoustic Design
  • Expert of Stage Accoustic Design 
  • Construction of Stage Accoustic 
  • Construction of Meeting Room Accoustic 
  • Construction of Prayer Room Accoustic 
  • Hall Accoustic Specialist Treatment 
  • Construction of Seminar Room Accoustic 
  • Construction of Studio Band Accoustic
  • Construction Specialist and Industry Noise Accoustic Treatment
  • Consultant dan Specialist Contraktor Noise Control Bar and Night Club 

and other specialist cinema Interior services

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How it Works ?


Via Telephone Number


With the price we offer, then determine the booking date for the work


Handled by experienced experts since 1990


Your Needs and Budget. We will offer you the best solution


Customers who have agreed are required to make a Down Payment of 50% of the value of the work contract

Location survey rate IDR 300K

These costs are the cost of location measurement, material analysis and analysis of working drawings

(and will be cashback when the project runs)

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Project Sound Recording Karnos Film
(Rano Karno)

"I am satisfied with the project accomplished for Karno's Studio. Hopefully, with this studio, my business will enhance, and I am confident that it will."
Rano Karno
Indonesian Senior Actor
"It is challenging to find a truly professional Interior Acoustic and Soundproofing Contractor in Indonesia, but we finally found him and are satisfied with his work".
John Dave

Our services can be supported by WORLD CLASS ACOUSTIC EXPERTISE which has been operating since 1972 

( by special request )

kontraktorstudio.com has been entrusted with clients ranging from Greater Jakarta to several cities throughout Indonesia.

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